Stress results from a build-up of mental and physical pressures to a level that we find overwhelming. The amount and type of stress we can stand will vary from individual to individual. For instance, one person may get a buzz from talking to hundreds of people. In contrast, someone else will be a nervous wreck in similar circumstances. Each of us confronts different stresses in a lifetime – dealing with grief, job loss, relationship breakdown, serious illness, or the demands of caring for children or sick relatives.

We have to cope with challenging life changes, such as leaving home for the first time, taking on new responsibilities at work or settling down with a new partner. Even when these are pleasant developments, they can still take a mental and physical toll. When minor stressors accumulate or more significant events take hold, we may lose our ability to cope well. Pressure turns to stress when you feel defeated and lack drive and energy for the tasks in front of you. These are warning signs that something needs to change to bring down harmful stress levels if this sounds familiar. It’s here that I can help you too.

Our work will ensure you develop the necessary, practical steps to:

  • Reduce excessive pressures in your life
  • Alleviate associated symptoms
  • Manage situations that exacerbate stress
  • Reset your coping mechanisms
  • Set suitable boundaries and expectations
  • Restore balance and calm
  • Implement strategies that prevent stress relapse
  • Regain control and ownerrship over daily life

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