Marriage and couples

Relationships represent all manner of difficulties, yet we can’t live without them. Co-operation with others form the basis of our ability to survive. That’s why conflict with our partner can be so distressing to confront. While all relationships have ups and downs,  sometimes these become too much to reconcile alone. Perhaps you both have differences in processing emotions, or you quickly fall into blame and resentment when attempting to resolve misunderstandings. Your expectations of one another likely diverge. These differences can take a toll over time without a resolution at hand. If parenting, the longer-term impact of childcare will likely throw up new domains of friction.

 Perhaps events in your own life – or relationship developments – have eroded a mutual trust that desperately needs restoring. Whatever the cause, transparent and effective communication is essential. It’s here that sensitive and even-handed mediation can represent tremendous value in restoring trust. In each conflict, both partners will have concerns and frustrations to be aired. You will each be nursing a story about why the relationship isn’t working – and what the other person should be doing to put things right. Yet, the capacity – on both sides – to adopt a constructive viewpoint is often limited. However, you can achieve progress if both of you have the requisite will and motivation.

In good relationships both partners concern themselves with how they can help each other get essential physical and emotional needs met. With this framework in mind, our work together will enable you both to:

  • Quickly regain and maintain supportive rapport
  • Recognise disruptive behaviour patterns
  • Identify conflict triggers and implement effective interventions
  • Utilise the valuable resources that each partner brings to the relationship
  • Engage in joint problem-solving
  • Effectively manage setbacks together
  • Employ non-blaming communication styles
  • Maximise cooperation
  • Ensure the wellbeing of others involved (e.g. children)

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