Children and young people

Childhood is a time of continuous transition. Various conditions need to be in place for young people to develop healthily and excel. They need to feel secure, receive affirmative attention and learn to delay gratification. As their world expands, we hope our children will adopt increasing responsibility for their behaviour and learn to regulate themselves effectively. Often perplexing for all involved! As they get older, pressures related to school, peers and changing relationships often introduce new tensions and uncertainties.

And often, these developments emerge beyond the immediate remit of parental control. Such circumstances aren’t easy to navigate. As a parent, you face a constant, updating catalogues of events to reflect upon – not to mention the juggle involved in managing your own life roles and responsibilities. Is it all worth it, I hear you ask : ) I hope so! Reassuringly, well-refined interventions and powerful strategies for helping you to manage your child (and yourself) are available to us.

Utilising extensive teaching and therapeutic experience across child age ranges, our work can integrate a wide range of points for support. We might support your child to:

  • Adopt healthy and long-lasting ways to engender self-esteem
  • Regulate difficult emotions and how to process them effectively
  • Deal with transitions related to school, peers and developing relationships
  • Become mindful of their influence and control in social situations
  • Develop resilience and optimism in the face of uncertainty and adversity
  • Nurture innate motivation for getting stuff done
  • Reduce stress and anxiety for calm and reflection
  • Implement realistic goals that encourage ownership and responsibility

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* P.S. If your child is between 8-11 years-old, you may also be interested in the Strive program – a ten-week learning pathway to nurture emotional health and well being.