A degree of anxiety is normal. It helps get us motivated to act. For instance, before a big speech or exam, it would be unnatural not to feel any of its symptoms, such as racing pulse, dry mouth, sweatiness and shallow breathing. But too much anxiety can be problematic. Initially, your worries may have focussed upon realistic and understandable concerns – financial troubles, health concerns, job uncertainty or relationship issues, etc. – yet then started to spiral out of control. Or your anxiety may have no clear origin. Perhaps it manifests as an ever-present feeling of being wired, tense or somehow exposed.

The accompanying out-of-control thoughts may leave you feeling hyper-vigilant and unable to relax. When rampant, anxiety can quickly become as disabling as any chronic illness. You may experience overwhelming, unrealistic fears or worry, panic attacks, phobias, obsessive-compulsive behaviours or post-post-traumatic stress reactions. All of this means that you have stopped living your life as you would like to. But anxiety is not all-powerful and inexplicable. Anxiety is easily manageable (and can be conquered) – when you know how.

Anxiety comprises three elements: the physical sensations you experience, the emotions you have whilst experiencing them and the thoughts that go through your mind at the time. In working together, we will focus upon the critical skills for reducing anxiety and placing you back in control. Our work together will support you to:

  • Separate yourself from anxious feelings
  • Relax more effectively
  • Improve sleep for restoration
  • Reduce irrational fears
  • Identify and control negative thinking
  • Utilise wider perspectives
  • Harness the positive power of your imagination
  • Cope effectively in uncertain situations

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